Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Saving Grace

Even though my Monday through Friday life feels bonkers right now, I'm trying really hard to hold fast to my weekends.  I went in to the office for about 3 hours on Sunday, but with that minor exception, you will have to pry my weekends from my cold dead hands, mostly because if you take that single link to sanity from me I will probably just give up.  Melodramatic, yes.  I stand by it.
That Fall to do list has come in handy because by forcing myself to check things off, I'm forcing myself not to forget that at least two days per week are still mine.  Still mine, dammit!
Make pumpkin bread.  Check. 
(Though I found a new recipe which I think will balance the flavors better.  A second batch is in order.)
Apple and pumpkin picking, hayride, and hot apple cider doughnuts.  Check.

Four more days 'til Friday!


LWhits said...

Mmm cider doughnuts...

Happy Halloween!