Thursday, September 12, 2013

Best Friends Forever

Joe:  I have to stop by Rob's after work so I won't be home until after 6:00.

me:  Okay, why do you have to go over there?

Joe:  He needs my help with a piss test.

me:  I'm sorry?

Joe:  He has to take a piss test tomorrow and he bought an at-home test to take tonight to make sure he'll test clean tomorrow.

me:  And he needs your help with that?

Joe:  Yep.

me:  Do I even want to know what that means?

Joe:  It's not like I'm going to hold the pee cup for him.  I have to help read the test strip.

me:  ...

Joe:  Because it's color coded.

me:  ...

Joe:  Because he's color blind.

Whatever those two have between them, it's deep and it's real.


laura said...

i havent read in awhile but i am guffawing