Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Really Hate It When My Excuses Get Taken Away

Oh, right.  The 5k.  It's pretty amazing how long you can be chugging along doing great and how easy it is for one little upset to your routine to throw you off completely.  I was well on my way to meeting my goal of running that 5k the first weekend of October but my training got delayed by a cold, and then it rained every day for a week so I couldn't really get a run in at the track, and then I started the new job, and now it gets dark so early that running outside after work like I had been is no longer an option.

I'm making the effort this week to get back to it.  One of the awesome perks of the new firm is that they have the equivalent of a really nice home gym right in the office, complete with treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, a rowing machine, free weights, and some weight machines.  It's everything I need and it's right there.  That makes it frustratingly difficult to make excuses, despite my best efforts.

So this week, I'm back on it.  I've picked up the training where I left off and have been running on the treadmill in the gym at work.  I've started the juicing back up too.

I already feel so much better.  Which begs the question why I ever let myself stop doing it in the first place.  Let's leave that baffling ever-present question for another time.