Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Completely Unsolicited Rant

The worst of Sandy seems to have skipped over us.  We got some strong wind gusts, but we didn't get that much rain and the lights never even so much as flickered.  It's hard to comprehend all of the damage and lives impacted just 90 minutes south in NYC and beyond.  Lots and lots of love and strength to them and theirs

Completely unrelated, if you'll forgive me a turn to something much lighter and infinitely less important in the big scheme of things...the wedding invitations are here, the wedding invitations are here! 

I can't believe how fast these were printed and how beautifully they turned out.  I can't wait to send them out!

I had every intention of sharing all of the details of this process as I went along, but now that we're making final decisions, I'm surprised to find that I'm sort of protective of our choices.  One thing I've learned throughout this process is that everyone, everyone, even those you would never expect, has a shockingly strong opinion about weddings and all things related.  And some of those people like to share those opinions whether that person was asked for it or not. 

The opinions are fine, I've certainly had my fair share, but the sharing of them can sometimes be hurtful even when delivered with the best of intentions.  It's awful to show a choice I've made to someone, a choice I've agonized over and am so happy about, only to get a barely lukewarm reaction or a question about whether I'm really sure or a tale about so-and-so's wedding and the disaster that ensued.  I know people mean well and I try to see the purpose behind the unsolicited opinion sharing and not focus on how it makes me feel, but the end result is that I'm inclined to keep our decisions under my hat for now until the whole thing has (successfully, I hope) come together.  In the meantime, I can't help sharing little bits of the whole process anyway because I am so excited.  Underline.  Bold.  Italics. 

When it's all said and done, I'll post pictures like whoa (just try and stop me) and share every vendor and every detail if you'd like.  I know I've loved seeing that stuff on other people's sites and have gotten so much inspiration from other people's choices (whether it's something I would do or not). 

Anyway, all that to say: the invitations are here!  And I'll show them off later!  I hope that's okay.   

Basically, what I've learned is this: unless you are asked point blank in no uncertain terms for an honest opinion and you are absolutely 100% sure that you are indeed being asked for such an opinion, then the only appropriate response to someone planning such an event is OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT YOU ARE BRILLIANT/YOU WILL BE BEAUTIFUL/IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING BLESS YOUR HEART AMEN. 

Even if a bride just suggested that she's going to walk down the aisle with red dots painted on her face as an homage to her great-great-great grandmother who passed of smallpox. 


She has dreamed of those red dots her whole life, you guys.  Let her have it.  Please.