Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Any Excuse...

Do you guys know what today is?  You don't?  You mean your household is not consumed with preparation for the most important day of the year?  Your house will not be filled tonight with the guttural sounds and questionable smells of the men-folk?  Can I come live with you?

Tonight football season officially begins.  Giants v. Cowboys.  Joe has been counting down to this event for weeks.  First there was the all-day draft event for fantasy football where many chicken wings were prepared and consumed.  I don't even like to think about all those chicken wings.  Chickens are borderline endangered now.  It's actually quite horrible.  Joseph was picked up and carted away at 2:00 pm and I picked him up ten hours later barely able to remember my name in his inebriated state, yet filled with proclamations of his undying love.  Drunk he's almost poetic.  Then there was the online draft for his second fantasy football league, for which he stayed sober so it's like it hardly even counted.

Last night, I came home from work, made many, many meatballs which have been slowly simmering in sauce for four hours, made roasted garlic butter for spreading on hoagies, made 2 gallons of sweet tea, and a strawberry cheesecake pie. 

Tonight, I will come home from work and try not to think about how it could be possible that the ginormous cases of beer stacked in the kitchen will be gone in mere hours, go to yoga for 90 minutes to avoid the crazy as much as possible, then come home, watch the game for whole minutes, and then attempt to go to bed.

Football season is exhausting. 

But truth be told, Joe gets super excited for the games and his buddies, and I get super excited for the cooking.  I love the menu planning and the entertaining aspect of it.  It's sick and unnatural really.  Especially considering just how excited I am.  Meatballs!  Pie!  Company!  My mother doesn't know who I am right now and disbelieves that I came from her.  Sorry.  Roasted garlic butter!