Thursday, July 12, 2012

Venting Session

Steps 1 & 2 to my Five Step Plan to Job Finding (patent pending) involve contacting every attorney I know to see if they know any attorneys in my area as well as contacting the alumni offices of my high school, college, and law school to find out if there are attorney alumni nearby. 

Once I have contact information, I write personalized e-mails addressing them directly, introducing myself, and asking if they might have a moment to connect.  Phone, e-mail, in person - I'm not picky.  Just a moment of your time, if you can spare it.

According to everyone I speak with, attorneys and otherwise, this is how you make it happen.  You network, you hustle, you make connections. 

My frustration level at this point stems from having yet to have a single e-mail out of tens returned.  Even when I mention the attorney who gave me their contact info and encouraged me to reach out or when I mention a shared alma mater.  Not even when I send follow ups.  I get it, lawyers are busy.  But seriously?  Not a single one?  Yet.  I'm still hopeful.

I don't even necessarily want to connect for job opportunities.  I'd love just to have a point person in the area so I can pick a brain about practicing in New York, the court system, and maybe have someone who can guide me as to the reputations of local firms where I submit resumes so I can make sure I end up somewhere solid.  I'm at a bit of a disadvantage being new to the area and a point person would really help.

It's so incredibly frustrating and disheartening and maddening.  Yet valuable in its own way.  Because once I'm established and successful, should an e-mail come my way from a young person just starting out who is requesting simply a moment of my time, she shall have it.  May I never forget that. 


Jackie said...

You may have more luck with an email introduction coming from the attorney that recommended you connect. Say you know Bob, an atty that happens to play golf with Sam. Bob writes an email to Sam, introducing you over email and suggesting Sam is a great person to reach out to.

You then follow up with a direct email to Sam.

At least, that's how it's gone for me in the past. That, or get through to his/her admin and get 30 minutes on the calendar if you are that bold.

Christina said...

Thanks Jackie! Going forward, I'm definitely going that route. The vast majority of contacts have come through alumni so I'm working with the various alumni offices to have them write e-mails of introduction for me, too.

I love the going through the admin idea! I might have to work up the courage to go that route, but it's worth going out of my comfort zone for this.