Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Pretty Glamorous Up in Here

My cousin Laura recently confessed to me that she doesn't want to just stop by for a visit whenever she feels like because I live with my fiance and we have "a life" and she wants to be respectful of that.

I appreciate that.  But if you've ever lived with a significant other you know that 90% of your life together consists of the following:
  • talking about what to have for dinner
  • asking each other what the thermostat is on
  • asking each other if the other fed the cat
  • asking each other if the other paid that bill
  • asking each other to get the other something
  • asking each other if that smell is coming from the other one
  • arguing over whether professional bowling is a sport (it is not)
  • talking about how adorable the cat is and/or whether the cat is depressed
So, yes, come on over.  Any time.  Just call first so I can change and we can all pretend I haven't been wearing this robe since my morning (early afternoon) shower.


SG said...

So I'll probably see you Saturday? Ok great.

Christina said...

I'm pretty much counting on it.

SG said...

Yeah, it's a safe bet. I still think we should get a kiddie pool...