Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We now live in Beacon, New York.  It's north of NYC and takes about 70 minutes on the train to get from the Beacon station to Grand Central.  There are trees and mountains and rivers and waterfalls.  Gorgeous almost everywhere you look.

This is Joe's turf.  He has lived here pretty much his entire life.  His dad lives in the same complex as us, his mom isn't too far away, all of his best buddies are within 5 miles of us.  My cousin Kim, her husband, and their three kids live 3 miles away.  My cousin Laura lives about 5 miles away.  These are all things I love and it's the reason we moved here.  However, it's also something I have to get used to. 

I'm not sure we've had a day here yet where the doorbell doesn't ring unexpectedly because someone decided to drop by, sending me scrambling for a bra or pants or a shower.  Side note: we need to buy curtains.  Immediately. 

We also cannot run errands without running into someone Joe knows.  The waitress at our favorite Italian restaurant went to high school with him, the guy greeting us at Home Depot goes way back with him and his brothers are fine thanks, that guy coming toward us in the aisle at Target used to be in his bowling league.  Add 15 minutes to every errand to factor in the catching up.  You never know when you might run into your t-ball coach and need to fill him in on the last 25 years. 

Apparently our new neighbor is Joe's best friend's godfather's son.  Yep.  And his wife?  My cousin Laura went to elementary school with her!  They hadn't seen each other in forever!

Joe has a story about almost everything we pass.  If you're really lucky, maybe you'll pass the hotel where he spent his prom night and then you and I both can stick that story in our Things I Did Not Need to Know file. 

If you're ever stuck in a car with him driving through the Hudson Valley, just assume he at one time hit a home run in every baseball field you pass.  And it was a bomb.  You should've seen it.  If you have doubts about his abilities, he can take you to the local high school where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Of course he was.

He's happy.  He's home.  We're home.  It's pretty awesome.


chickster said...

Can you listen to country music on the radio in this new small town of yours?

Jackie said...

wow, your new town sounds awesome/ like my worst nightmare.

I can't decide which.


Christina said...

Yep, totally, I've already scoped them out.

I'm with you on that, Jackie.