Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yay!  This is what relief feels like.  If I didn't think 1000 exclamation points would be overkill, I would insert them here.

The New York bar admissions application is intense.  I had to gather affidavits from every law-related employer I've ever had, as well as two character affidavits from non-employers and non-relatives, list every job I've had and address I've lived at since I was 21, etc., etc.  I've had it compiled, notarized, and ready to go for weeks now, just waiting for word. 

I got the CONGRATULATIONS e-mail yesterday, rushed to get that sucker in the mail, and now I wait for it to be approved and to be assigned a swearing in date.  If I get in the first group, I'll be New York official by the end of June. 

June is shaping up to be the best month ever.


Kelsey said...

I knew you would pass, but still, reading this I'm feeling all OMG!!! Haha. Congratulations!!! This is VERY exciting :-) Well done, Christina!

chickster said...


Christina said...

Thank you!