Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Change Is Afoot

When Joe and I decided that we were going to put all our eggs in the moving to New York this summer basket, our game plan totally changed.  We decided that as long as one of us could land a job in New York, then the other one would follow and we would figure it out from there.  Joe immediately started a New York job search and I refocused my efforts, knowing that I wouldn't be able to kick the search into high gear until I know for sure I passed the NY bar (results any day now!). 

We found out last week that Joe landed a job right smack in the exact area where we're hoping to live.  And they want him to start...tomorrow.  So Joe is packed up and moving back to New York today.  He'll crash with his parents or friends until we figure out the plan.  I plan to keep working here and follow in June when our lease is up, job or no job (job would be the serious preference). 

Just like that, the Pennsylvania chapter of our lives together is over.  I'm going to miss my buddy.  I feel badly that he's going to be camping on couches for the next 6 weeks and hate that I won't be there to support him as he starts a new career in his dream field.  But I am so happy for him and excited for what's to come. 

Lily is going to stay home for now.  We've had her for about 7 months now.  I have fed her twice and have changed the litter box never.  Joe says it should be cleaned every other day.  He better be exaggerating.  I think she knows I have no idea what I'm doing.  This should be fun.

Almost there.  Taking that island


SG said...

CONGRATULATIONS! This is so exciting. Good luck to Joe with the new job and to you with Lily.

chickster said...

Woohoo ~ Congrats Joe! Goodbye PA & Hello NY.