Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Odds & Ends

I forgot Victoria's Secret sells shoes!  Problem solved.  Credit where credit is due: along with being a champion baby maker, J. Simps makes some pretty cute, pretty comfy shoes. 

Cilantro Lime Tilapia tacos.  These are some of the best fish tacos I've ever had.  We served them with homemade guacamole and added a little shredded purple cabbage tossed with a bit of lime juice for crunch.  I almost broke out in song upon taking a bite. 

My mom recently sent me this Bobbi Brown mascara and I am in love.  It goes on super smooth, and lengthens and thickens with absolutely no clumping whatsoever.  Plus, it lasts all the live long day.  Winner!

I first heard about Josie Maran's Argan Cleansing Oil here and was immediately intrigued.  I've given up on trying to figure out my skin.  Without Proactiv once a day, it breaks out like whoa.  It tends to be dry in the morning but oily throughout the day.  So I use the Proactiv three-step solution at night and then try to use something gentler and more nourishing in the morning. 

I sent this Cleansing Oil to my mom as one of her Christmas presents last year so she could be my guinea pig since my skin is so unpredictable.  She gave it the thumbs up, so I used one of my Sephora gift cards to splurge on it for myself.  Love it!  My skin feels so hydrated and happy after I use it.

When I was home in Dallas for Thanksgiving last year, my little brother adorably revealed that he assumed I was receiving some sort of compensation for the products I discuss on this site.  Hahahahahaha.  Oh, Andrew.  You have to have more than 12 readers for that, silly.  I'm pretty sure at least.  I should look into that.  But, yeah, anyway - there's no money being made here, folks.  Just some stuff I like all on my own. 


chickster said...

I need the link for those cute shoes!

Christina said...

Victoria's Secret had them on sale, but looks like they're all sold out now, which is why I didn't post a link.

They are the Jessica Simpson Madisen cap toe ballet flat. When I plugged that into Google, I found them at Piperlime and Amazon. Dillards had them in different fun colors, too. The pair I got are the nude/black.

They've got good cushion and are super comfy!

chickster said...

thanks for the info - it's hard to find comfy flats