Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Baby's Growing Up

Lily is 7 months old now and is big enough for us to get her spayed.  Our vet told us it would be $500+ to have it done at his office.  More if we want her to be hooked up to a heart monitor during and basically have the Rolls Royce of sterilization packages.  This presents a very awkward choice.  Ah, yes, no, thank you, we prefer to take our chances.  The dicey anesthesia and no heart monitor for our cat, doctor.  And in fact, if you skimp on the pain meds, how much will that save us?

The thing is, despite her being a cat, which honestly she can't really help, I actually have come to love her quite a bit.  I would strongly prefer that she be in as little pain and discomfort as possible.  I would also like her to just stay still and snuggle with me, dammit, but turns out Lily is not a cuddler and no amount of pressing her firmly against my bosom while whispering sweet nothings in her ear seems to stop her struggle to get free.

I know the SPCA will spay cats and dogs for a nominal fee, $50 in our case, but this option makes me a little nervous.  I just want to know that they're going to do a good, non-rushed job and that she will be as comfortable as possible.  I want her to have the proper anesthesia so that she doesn't feel a thing.  Whatever she needs.  And if they could send us home with a little extra so that I could make her actually sleep through the night so that I don't have to play a little game every morning called How Much Shit Has Lily Knocked Off the Kitchen Counter This Time, then that would be a nice bonus. 

Obviously, I will ask all the appropriate questions when we make the appointment, but have any of you gotten pets spayed/neutered at the SPCA before?  Were you happy with that decision?  Did you threaten your pet for weeks beforehand by telling her that if she didn't just snuggle already, then no anesthesia for her?  Just curious.


Kelsey said...

Listen, the SPCA is a legit organization. They don't want to hurt or abuse animals, they want to do everything they can to keep them healthy. Hence the affordable spay/neuter program. I think it's good for our animals and for the community to have them fixed if you have no plans to breed them. If you can do it for $50 versus $500, do it! Lilly will be just fine. We did the same thing with Pancake and I was thrilled to save some money. If the service is that simple, vets should charge much less! Ridiculous!

chickster said...

I totally agree with Kelsey and no matter what vet you go to for the procedure, your pet will still be a little sore, cranky and mad at you for at least 24hrs afterwards.

SG said...

Annabelle Lee was spayed as a puppy. I went the vet route - mostly because it was much closer and my parents were paying the bill. She was still groggy and uncomfortable despite the expensive treatment. I was clever though - I had my mom bring her and pick her up so she was never mad at me. Perhaps you should have Joe drop her off and pick her up...she'll remember who was responsible.

Christina said...

Thank you! I figured the SPCA would take good care of her, just wanted to solicit some feedback since this is the first non-childhood pet I've had and am solely responsible for keeping alive. My mom texted me that both of the dogs I grew up with were done at the SPCA. Who knew?

They called me back this morning and Lily has an SPCA appointment on Tuesday!

Sara - I like the way you think!

jackie said...

Go SPCA. Our dog was neutered a vet at the shelter from which we got him. They did a nice job, but I can tell you it wasn't the $500 treatment.

If it makes you feel any better, you can spend $50 at the SPCA and donate $250 to pay for 6+ spays/neuters for other shelter animals...and have $200 left over! Think of all the cat toys (or shoes?) you could buy!

Christina said...

Haha, good thinking, Jackie! Thanks!