Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Odds & Ends

The electric bill came this week.  We used 216 kWh this month.  This same month last year, the last month before Joe's arsenal of perpetually plugged in electricity sucking apparatuses started being a factor, I used 159 kWh.  A mere 159 kWh.  I have no idea what that means really except that it's less.  So much less.  Unplug your shit, Joe.  You can't argue with facts, I say.  I'm so relieved that this argument is over so that we can move on to others, namely whether that thing we saw flying around last night was a bird or a bat?  I say bird.  Whose side are you on?

This made me have to stifle work giggles. 

Marc Jacobs?  Explain yourself, sir. 

Is this how it was intended? Was it a styling choice? I have so many questions, beginning with how do you arrange this if you live alone and ending with what the bloody hell? Good news - it's on sale!

I can highly, highly recommend this book.  Just when I was ready to put it down for the night, the story would take an unexpected, startling turn and I had to find out what was going to happen next.  I picked it out randomly, not knowing anything about the author, Sarah Waters.  Turns out she can weave quite the tale.  She also writes with a "clear lesbian agenda," which one does not expect in a novel set in the Victorian era.  The Victorian era is known for being romantic and rather prudish so to have the love story here be between two women, I thought added an intriguing and fascinating sub-plot to an already superb book.  You know, once you get over the wait a second, did they just do what I think they just did in my Victorian novel reaction.  I flew through this and have already checked out another.  She's an incredible writer.