Monday, February 20, 2012


Last week we got a letter under the door reminding us that next month we have to give our 90 day notice if we intend to move out.  Our lease is up in June.  I am very, very excited about this.  We only renewed last June because I thought I had a job just 3 miles away.  When that fell through shortly thereafter, I felt a bit trapped.  Suddenly we were committed to living here for another year but without knowing if I'd be able to find a job here.  I went from loving this apartment to hating that I was stuck here.  I'm ready to move on and to have it be my choice. 

I have lived in this apartment complex for 4 years.  Two years with a roomie, almost one year by myself, and one year with Joe.  Time to go.  Knowing that the end is near, I have been dreaming about our next place.  My dreams are pretty small. 

I would love to have two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  I would settle for a den or bonus room of some sort and just an extra half-bath.  I am dying for a proper pantry, even a small one.  Not having to give up valuable cabinet space or stack things on top of the fridge sounds like heaven.  I would also very much like to have more than one drawer.  Our kitchen has one drawer.  I do not know how I have survived.  I would like at least three drawers, please. 

A washer/dryer.  Such luxury.  I am so over hording quarters.  Not having neighbors upstairs who complain every time we fire up the barbecue.  A little bit of yard space.  A garage or covered parking.  That seems like it may be pushing it. 

And if all of this could be in New York state, that would be really, really nice.

It's very unlike me to wish for summer because it's a miserable season I prefer to avoid at all costs, but if May could bring finding out I passed the NY bar exam, and if June could mean finally making the move to New York, and if somewhere in there a job in New York comes my way, then I promise not to complain about the humidity.  Deal?