Friday, February 24, 2012

Last Time I Mention It (Promise) (For Now)

Bar exam is next Tuesday and Wednesday. 

On Sunday, I will make the 4.5 hour drive to Albany.  Joe's hometown is on the way, so he's going to drive me the first 3 hours so that it's not wasted time, and then he'll hang with his friends and family until I pick him up on Wednesday after it's all over.  Once there, I'm going to make a dry run to the convention center so I can see where it is, assess the parking situation, and time the drive from my hotel. 

After that, I plan to hang a do not disturb sign on the door and sleep, study, and freak out as needed until Tuesday morning.  For the record, I do think that the run of 60 degree sunny weather we've had this week and the maddening fact that the Oscars are this weekend are hostile acts/a conspiracy against me.  Obviously.  Cruel is what it is. 

Since I think this weekend is going to be pure craziness given that I still have to study, but also have to pack, plan, and get myself to a strange city, I went ahead and made a To Pack list and a To Do list yesterday while I was still relatively lucid.

Yes, I do put "shave legs" on my To Do lists.  How else do you remember?

After the bar exam is over, I am going to spend the the next free day doing the following (in no particular order): mani/pedi, go see a movie with Joe, drink a margarita the size of my head, and go to the public library and select books for reading for pleasure.  Oh my gosh, it all sounds tremendous. 

I will also go shopping for a little gift for my newest cousin, baby Noah, who arrived just a couple weeks ago.  It's not his fault that he arrived while I was seriously preoccupied.  Or that he's a fifth child and a fourth boy.  Kid deserves something new.  I also owe his mama a long overdue phone call.  Hell, I owe everyone in my life a long overdue phone call.  How are all of you?  Still well, I hope.  I miss you terribly.

I will not be posting next week.  I will be back after next week much happier, much calmer, and totally not missing this view:

I can hardly wait.


Jen said...

i think the antibacterial wipes on your "to pack" list is more telling than the "shave legs." :) Good luck!

Christina said...

Thanks! Those are just so I can wipe down every visible inch of a a hotel room before I touch anything. Totally normal. Ok, yeah, you're probably right.

D&D said...

kettle corn and navy sweatshirt are on the list. nothing changes!