Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Normal

I changed my hours at work from 9-5 to 8-4 as a sneaky way to squeeze an extra hour out of my over-packed days.  Thorough bar prep requires 5-8 hours of study per day (hahaha), which entails watching 3-4 hours worth of lectures and then doing 4-5 hours of study/homework.  Outside of bar prep, I work 8 hour days.  So basically, I'm supposed to do 16 hours of work a day. 

So far, I've just been pretty proud of myself that I'm completely up-to-date on the daily lectures, with some finished homework scattered here and there.  The way these things go, you stay behind the whole time, but somehow, some way, it all comes together in the end.  In my experience, no matter how much you prepare, panic at the end is inevitable anyway.

This time around, I'm reminding myself the pressure is off.  I'm doing this one for me.  I've already done this once successfully and I can do it again.  I am starting to realize why New York is notoriously one of the hardest bars to pass, though.  Holy New York distinctions is all I'm saying.

To help, Joe has taken over all the cooking.  I make the menus for the week, provide recipes, write out the shopping list and hand it over.  He does the weekly shopping, makes my lunches every day, cooks dinner every night, and cleans up after.  You guys, I'm totally going to marry him.

My goals this week: get in some gym time and go to bed earlier.  Easy peasy.  Right?

In other news, Lily has learned to fetch, which, when a cat does it, is fricken hilarious.  She gets her favorite toy, brings it to us and drops it.  We pick it up, throw it, and she brings it back.  I just explained to you how fetch works.  I apologize.  I'm sort of tired. 


Anonymous said...

I just cannot believe you are studying for the bar AND working. You are my hero. Have I mentioned this before?

Christina said...

I sort of assumed. Just kidding. I'm not sure how effectively I'm doing either really, but thank you.