Monday, January 23, 2012

Lily's First Snow!

We let her out on the balcony.  She walked through it.  Did two sort of jump-y leap-y maneuvers.  Then she tried to crawl under the railing and hurl herself off the balcony.  I guess snow isn't for everybody.  She's too big to fit under the railing now, so no real harm done. 

We've also begun to realize that she either has no idea what her name is or she could give two shits that we're trying to call her.  So we've started trying other names to see if she likes them better.  So far, Steve, Raymond, Georgette, Beverly, Brumhilda, and Anne all elicit no response whatsoever. 

There was one horrifying moment when she lifted her head and looked at us when Joe called her Reginald, but I'm hopeful it was just a fluke.