Friday, November 18, 2011


If ever in Atlanta, you must stop by the Dekalb International Farmers Market.  It is one of the places I miss most from my living in Atlanta days.  Not only does it have a remarkable selection of international products, including cheeses, wines, dry goods, fresh baked breads and pastries, and rows upon rows upon rows of fruits and vegetables many of which I've never heard of, but they also have freshly butchered meats at reasonable prices and a huge seafood section where someone will kindly clean and fillet the fresh catch of your choice. 

My absolute favorite part of the market though is the spice aisle.  Herbs and spices are freshly dried/ground, put into containers, organized on the shelves in alphabetical order, and sold at prices that are so low as to make you do a double take.  Generally, spices are ridiculously expensive and I've often lamented my hesitation at buying something new for experimentation simply because it cost $7.00 for a tiny container.  Not a problem at this market.  I mean we're talking over a cup of freshly ground cayenne pepper for 53 cents.  It sends a little shiver of pleasure up my spine just thinking about the cooking possibilities and the downright bargain of it all.  When I was in Atlanta for work last week, I stopped in to stock up.

All of that spicy goodness and my total was $11.43.  Eleven dollars and 43 cents!  It cost me about that just to ship it home and still it was a bargain.  

While you're in Atlanta for your spice shopping, should you find yourself driving among the gorgeous Buckhead mansions and see a sign for an estate sale, you should definitely stop.  Because you just might snag yourself an immaculate Armani coat, which I have on good authority would go for $2000+ new, for a mere $75.  Your mom might also snatch up a Bob Mackie silk scarf for a gleeful $10.  Millionaires: I will happily carry away your discarded bounty at rock bottom prices any day.  I am quite in love with this coat.  I'm considering sleeping in it.

Bargains to be had in Atlanta, people.  A very profitable trip.


SG said...

My favorite has always been the Villa Juanita. Margaret Mitchell apparently wrote a chapter of 'Gone with the Wind' while staying there!