Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kitchens are for Grown-Ups

Sometimes I forget my friends are grown-ups.  I forget that Sheridan and Holly are married, or Kel works for the Bronx DA's office, or that the whole lot of them have bills and checking accounts and go to work every day.  It still seems sort of strange to me even though I myself am growing up, am grown up.  When did that happen?

So when I got to go to New Orleans and see Kathryn it was a special reminder of how far we've come since we were 16 year old girls climbing onto the roof of my house to lay down and star gaze and talk about life.  Because, yes, technically I know she bought a house in New Orleans and has been slowly renovating it over the last year, but it still didn't feel quite real.  Until I got to see it in person and she got to show off her newly completed kitchen (literally newly, the backsplash had gone up the night before I arrived).  She's worked so hard and I'm so proud of her.  So I asked if I could show her new kitchen here and she said yes.  Thanks, buddy. 

This is the before.

The inspiration picture.

Painting the cabinets a perfect shade of blue.
Getting ready for granite.
After!  Just needing a few finishing touches, including shades for the chandelier bulbs.

Way to be a grown-up, Kat.  You are doing it so nicely.