Thursday, October 27, 2011


I've been needing new luggage given all the traveling I've been doing, but haven't been able to find the right thing.  Every bag under $100 was either ugly as sin, made so as to fall apart shortly after its maiden voyage, or just not the right size for carry-on while still being big enough to hold everything I need for a whole trip (i.e. morning face wash, night face wash, day face cream, night face cream, blow dryer with diffuser, 4 pairs of shoes, you get the idea).  My current travel bag is a hot pink rolling suitcase, which while totally awesome when I got it many years ago, sort of screams "ask me about Justin Bieber" rather than "ask me about law school."  Time to let it go.

Last week, at the Pottery Barn outlet, I found this.  Shown there for $179.  I paid $83.99 at the outlet.  I'm filing this under things that make me exuberantly happy.  P.S. who knew Pottery Barn had luggage?

Also scored was this cute 5' x 3' rug for the kitchen.  $12.  So happy.