Friday, October 28, 2011


I had to be in Virginia for work this week.  Williamsburg and Richmond.  Joe came along since I decided to drive there.  On the way, we stopped in Baltimore for fresh crabs, a trip Joe has been wanting us to make forever.  He was quite thrilled.

Me, not so much.  Something about having to scrape a creature's lungs and digestive materials out of the way before eating it just doesn't do it for my appetite.  It's also quite a lot of work for not very much reward.  Plus it hurt my delicate hands.  And it took forever.  I am a lot of fun. 


chickster said...

In full agreement and why I prefer the much tastier crab cakes and she-crab soup.

Kelsey said...

I'm all about crab when it's been cleaned and cooked... I've never had to deal with the guts, which would be completely unappetizing I think :-P And you're right, it does take forever! But that's part of the fun. The longer it takes to eat your crab, the more wine you drink, which is why I like it so much, haha.