Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nectarine & Mascarpone Cheese Pie

This is the super practical pie I made last Saturday in hurricane anticipation.  At the time, I wanted to use up the remaining deliciously sweet and juicy nectarines we had from the ridiculous 5lb box we bought last week.  I also had visions of the power going out and Joe and I romantically eating homemade pie directly from the pan by candlelight. 

(Side note: nothing kills the-power-is-out romance like your dad texting you upon hearing that the power is out, that it "could be a very romantic night," followed by a smiley face, followed by a text that says, "lots of girls will be conceived tonight named Irene!"  Annnnnd...scene.  Not in this house.  Way to make sure you're never a grandparent.) 

Since there was also a possibility that my efforts would be ditched in the event of unplanned evacuation, I did not bother making a homemade crust for this, and instead used store-bought roll-out pie crust dough.  If you go this route, this pie is very easy as far as pies go. 

I used this recipe for peach & crème fraîche pie from Smitten Kitchen, and substituted nectarines and mascarpone cheese since that's what I had on hand.  This is such a great summer pie, so delicious and not at all overly sweet.  It's fantastic served warm in a bowl with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top, but it was even great cold the next day.


d&d said...

remember amberly?

good times.

chickster said...

I could bake an actual peach & crème fraîche pie . . . but that would take a lot of work. looks delish!