Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I'm pretty sure I could go vegetarian without much difficulty.  Left to my own devices, I don't include a lot of meat in my diet.  I love me some burgers and steaks and grilled chicken, but preparing it grosses me out.  Meat also makes me feel guilty.  I try to buy grass-fed or organic as much as possible.  I also try to buy it from a local butcher at the farmer's market to avoid the pre-packaged, mistreated, antibiotic-infused grocery store variety.  Have you seen Food, Inc.?  That documentary changed everything for me and made me want to be a much more conscious food consumer.  Much like The Business of Being Born made me resolve to have all my babies naturally.  Of course then later I have a single period cramp, pop seven Midol, park on the couch with a hot, wet washcloth over my belly, moan a lot, and mentally make a note to request an epidural, preferably now.  At least conscious meat buying I can actually do.

All that to say that I have never had a chicken wing, buffalo-style or otherwise.  Because as much as meat kinda grosses me out, meat on the bone is absolutely a deal breaker.  Meat is one thing; meat on the bone is carcass.  Can't do it. 

When in doubt, put it on a pizza.  A buffalo chicken delivery system without the whole carcass issue.  I'd like to take credit, but this was all Joe.  He used this recipe and it was amazing.  The blue cheese and onion makes this dish, especially the blue cheese, because oh my gracious, blue cheese. 

Ignore the fact that I introduced a recipe in the most unappetizing way possible by first discussing things that disgust me.  Just try this.