Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I Did Today Instead of Studying for the Bar Exam

After the initial excitement and relief faded, it dawned on me that the new job means having my own office.  Which means decorating that office.  Which means office supplies.  There are few things I love more than office supplies.  I could spend hours picking out the perfect pen and perhaps get a little too excited over the striking beauty of a pair of classic stainless steel scissors (I bought them).  Couple that enthusiasm with bar exam overload, figuring out how to make a collage, plus the bounty of the Internet and, hours later, this is what you get.  I'm a little bit excited.

1. Mariposa Table Lamp, Z Gallerie
2. When Pigs Fly figurine, Z Gallerie
3. Ace Pilot Stapler, See Jane Work
4. Anthony Burrill print
5. SONGE mirror, Ikea
6. Black Retro Ballpoint Pens, Poppin
7. Kikkerland Laughing Buddha Desk Organizer
8. Kamashi Bulletin Board, The Container Store
9. Brocade Pencil Cup, The Container Store
10. ALVINE RUTA rug, Ikea


chickster said...

those buddha organizers are perfect!