Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh, Right. The Details.

So The Job. My Job. The job that finally lets Joe and I stop saying, "let's wait and make sure I/you get a job before we x. Or y. Or z. Or anything that costs more than $50 that we might want to do in the next 17 years." I will be an attorney (still getting used to that one) for a small well-respected, entirely wonderful, law firm following my taking of the bar exam in July. In the meantime, I will work for them part-time on my own schedule doing various research projects to earn a little extra money and get acclimated and help them out as needed.

I get to do exclusively family law, which is exactly what I wanted, and I get to work with a small group of committed, lovely ladies. Even though I knew beggars could not be choosers in this market, it was, and always has been, important to me to be able to work with people I respect, whom I actually want to learn from, and who are kind, supportive, respected and really good at what they do. That's just what I got and the luck and blessing of it still is a bit overwhelming.

All of the above is really the best part, but on a completely superficial and non-important level, the best part?? The firm is 3 MILES FROM MY HOUSE! No commute. No trains. No $150/month for commuter passes. No schlepping blocks in rain, snow, heat, etc. I can wear heels! I can sleep in a little later! I can come home for lunch! How awesomely awesome is that?

I'm running out of adjectives for wonderful, fabulous and exciting lately, but those words keep spilling out of me because life lately is all of those things and all the other words that mean that and then some.  After the emotional meltdown of 2011, I can't really express my relief to be on this side of that awful, awful wall of anxiety and self-doubt and terrible horrible no good very badness. And also my gratitude. Have I mentioned gratitude? I am very, very filled with gratitude.


d&d said...

does this mean you can afford a trip to maine?

Christina said...

Technically I can't afford anything yet, but just this week started scouting must-dos in Maine! How's Maine in August? I have 2 1/2 weeks after the bar exam!

d&d said...

its the BEST TIME
also, way to be my first etsy purchase. you're nuts.

A said...

I am so proud of you!