Tuesday, May 3, 2011


One of the reasons it took Joe so long to move here is because his New York condo had yet to sell.  It had been on the market since Fall of 2009 and he got offers but they were either ridiculous or fell through at the last minute in heartbreaking fashion.  Leaving his home of 10 years was nerve wracking enough but it was intensified over concerns of whether he could maintain the condo expenses and contribute here.  Finally, once we knew his job would transfer him and we crunched the numbers, we realized it was do-able for both of us, even if the condo didn't sell for a while. 

After he moved here he dropped the price yet again by a significant amount (about 30% total price drop over 2 years) and within a week he had three offers.  We'd been down this road before though so elation was minimal.  He accepted the highest cash offer and we were trepidatiously excited to get a closing date for March 21st.  March 21st came and went and the buyer requested more time.  All too familiar.  It was rescheduled for April 15th.  A week before the 15th, a title search turned up an erroneous tax lien on the condo.  Joe called and verified that he owed nothing to the state of New York and it was a mistake, but we still had to wait to receive a release of the lien in the mail to satisfy the title company.  The New York Dept. of Revenue does not have email capabilities.  It is 2011.  They know this.  Seven to 10 business days later, after April 15th had come and gone, he was finally able to get everything satisfied for the title company.

Closing was rescheduled for today.  The condo and money and closings and documentation and paperwork was all that had been talked about in this house for months, but once we got that last official closing date and a time and a it's definitely going to happen, we both shut up.  As it got closer, I would ask if he was excited and he would say "shhh, not yet."  Didn't want to jinx it.

Joe left for New York last night and this morning.....HE CLOSED!!  It went off without a hitch and he called me on his way to the bank to deposit the checks.  This whole condo selling ordeal has been a roller coaster of emotion and frustration and it is over!  I am so relieved for him and excited for us, and just happy we can finally move on. 

Even though it would have been nice if this had happened at any point in the last two years, I fully realize how amazing it is that we both get to close a chapter of our lives in the same week and how crazy it is that it ended up that way after everything.  My last final is Thursday.  We are SO going to celebrate.


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