Thursday, April 28, 2011

And I Thought I Made Good Pudding

I don't know who this woman is.  I don't know what inspires her, how she does it, or where she finds the time.  I also don't know why she's not 400 lbs.  I do know that I want to live next door to her and have her rig up some sort of apparatus whereby her oven door is connected to a string connected to a bell which sounds throughout my house to alert me that freshly baked goods will be placed on her windowsill momentarily should I choose to meander over.  I would meander over every single time.  I would also lay on the floor next to the oven with my mouth open in hopes of scraps, should the bell system prove too cumbersome.

Please do introduce yourself to Vanilla Sugar blog if you have not already.  Please do strap your drool cup firmly to your chin first.