Monday, November 8, 2010

I Think I'm Going To Keep Him

Since moving into a one bedroom apartment in June, I have spent a lot of time alone.  Ordinarily, I have no problem with this.  When I was little, there was nothing better than playing with my dollhouses by myself for hours.  When I left home for college, I was not nervous about not getting along with my roommate's personality.  I was anxious about having someone in my space, the never being able to be alone.  Now I look forward to coming home to a quiet apartment that is all mine.  I need time alone to regroup, rebalance and keep my sanity.  Plus, I suck at sharing.

But sometimes I do really hate being alone.  Sometimes having to do all the laundry and not having a cuddle buddy at the end of a crap day and having to make 17 trips to bring in all the groceries and just doing all the mundane life things alone sucks some serious ass.  Which only gets reinforced when Joe shows up to spend the weekend with his overworked, overwhelmed girlfriend and decides to be his usual totally awesome self.  He took Friday off from work so we could have an extra day together.  On Friday morning, we slept in, then made pancakes and bacon and coffee together.  He made the bacon extra crispy since that's the way I like it.  When I had to get up early on Saturday to put in an 8-hour shift at the part-time job, he got up early with me and made me breakfast while I was in the shower.  He drove over to have a quick bite with me during my 30-minute lunch break.  While I was gone all day, he did my laundry and washed all the dishes.  When I got home, he made dinner with me and cleaned up the kitchen after.  On Sunday, he helped me rearrange the furniture in my bedroom, indulging my irrational whim.

And then he left and I have the apartment to myself again.  As much as I like my time to myself and watching Desperate Housewives without hearing any complaints, I miss the company and the help.  Also, the bacon was delicious and he's very close to making the perfect cup of coffee.  The coming home after a long day to a sweet hug and lots of love isn't bad either.  I miss my buddy.


D&D said...

he sounds like the magical combination of a gallant boyfriend and a maid. PERFECTION!

Christina said...

He will very much not like that description.

fore front said...

i should expect not. i don't get it. when i tell alex he's the mix of the two it also perturbs him. men!