Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Beginning of a Never Ending Series: Things You Cannot Do With Large Boobs

Learning to play golf is on my Life List.  Joe took me out to the driving range to try to help.  It did not go well.  Joe's golf clubs are way too big and it is difficult to swing when you have to anchor the club between your boobs.  Note my stance and deep concentration:

Now prepare yourself for the sheer elegance of my swing.

It is hard to ignore the guy in the background staring.  Obviously, he's never seen this kind of talent. 

Joe is slightly better than me.

Nick and Jessica have provided us with a pretty much exact reenactment of how the day went beginning at the 5:52 mark. 

I am going to need a lot more practice.  And possibly a breast reduction. 


chickster said...

I wish Nick and Jessica were still together! Just stick with mini golf - a lot more fun and no breast reductions needed.

chickster said...

p.s. i just had to verify the word "flarb" to post my comment. According to Urban Dictionary there are several definitions, but my favorite is the "fold of skin on a skinny persons tummy when the scrunch up and say they have jelly rolls and think theyre fat."oh my gosh, alyssa's has nothing but flarb!"".