Friday, September 10, 2010


My life right now is a charming combination of crazy, busy, stressful, overwhelming, wonderful, and scary.  I have a lot of things to tell and share and it's all whirling around inside along with deadlines and to do lists and goals and must do's and should do's.  The last year of law school is a bitch, y'all. 

So what I'm basically saying is I'll be back later.  With lots of posts and stories and details.  The last looming deadline right now is September 20th and I'm looking forward to breathing on September 21st.

Plus there's the added stress of Oprah's last season premiere on Monday.  Say it ain't so, Op.  Skipping class and watching from home in an Oprah t-shirt while clutching an O Magazine isn't overkill, is it?


fore front said...

ive been thinking of you nonstop in lieu of her farewell season. i get emotional just thinking about it!