Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I attended a fancy-schmancy breakfast at the Union League in Philly yesterday honoring attorneys doing public interest work.  I caught the 7:44 am train and seated myself across the aisle from an older, conservative-seeming gentleman.  He was wearing a smart gray suit, sweater vest, tie, and black dress shoes.  Since he had his legs crossed in my direction, I could see he was also appropriately wearing black dress socks.  He was reading the sports section of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  I observed this quietly and settled into my seat, sipped my cappuccino, and got ready to crack open a text book, because I carry them with me everywhere and can't wait to breathe in the familiar and comforting scent of orange highlighter every chance I get.  But soon I found myself distracted by a glimpse of bright blue and turquoise.  Dude was totally wearing a braided rope anklet.  Over his sock. 

Why?  What is the significance?  I have so many questions.  Does he wear it every day?  Does he have different ones in different colors?  Does he tie and untie it every time he puts on his sock or does he slip his sock underneath?  Is he forced to dress conservatively for work and this anklet under his pant leg is his only chance to show some personality but he wears it over his sock so it's possible to catch a glimpse as a subtle screw you to corporate America?  Did his granddaughter make it for him and he feels compelled to wear it?  Did he pick it up on a Jamaican vacation and it reminds him of the beach?  I did not get any reading done at all, quite understandably. 

Though the morning was not a total waste because at the breakfast, as the waiter, Allen, was leaning over to pour my cup of coffee, he whispered, "here you go, gorgeous."  Now, this was a sponsored, free breakfast, so it's not like he was working for tips is all I'm saying.  Obviously sincere.  So, yeah, I got that going for me.  Nice to know a girl's got options. 

But seriouly, what's with the anklet?  Allen totally didn't know either. 


A said...

ahahah, I can't believe I didn't see this post until today!