Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We Have An Understanding

me:  He's her 'grass is always greener' person.

Joe:  'Grass is always greener' person?

me:  Yeah, you know, the person she thinks about when things aren't going great in her relationship.  Lots of people have one.  The person from your past you think about when things are shitty and you always think if you were with that person things would be better, even though it's ridiculous.  The 'grass is always greener' person.  Do you have one?

Joe:  No.

me:  It's okay if you do.

Joe:  Oh, wait, you mean Scarlett.

me:  Scarlett?

Joe:  Scarlett.

me:  Scarlett Johansson?

Joe:  Yep. 

me:  That's the person you think about when things are crappy between us?

Joe:  Yes.  Scarlett.

me:  Do you sometimes think about her even when things are good between us?

Joe:  Maybe. 

me:  If you end up with Scarlett, can I have Ryan?

Joe:  There you go.  Perfect.


D&D said...

i like how they're on a first name basis