Monday, August 9, 2010

This Is What I Do In Georgia

Yesterday I spent a solid 5 hours playing Super Mario Bros. on Wii with a 7 year old.  It was made much more complicated than necessary given that every time he felt he died unfairly he threw down the controller, flung himself down on the couch and had a good wailing cry. 

After an hour of playing with me, he changed the game from two player to one player, told me I needed to go back to the first world to "practice" and he would be back later.  I took that kinda hard.  Super Mario Bros. was my game back in the day, yo.  We had a little something called Nintendo and I kicked its ass, Caleb, I kicked its ass.  You don't even know!  And don't even get me started on a little something called Duck Hunt. 

Caleb finally left for about an hour to go somewhere with his dad and while he was gone his 12 year old sister, Allison, and I got down to business.  We took on the castle in World 7 Caleb couldn't beat and after like 72 lives and three Game Overs we kicked the shit out of that World 7 castle.  Yeah, that's right.  Two girls.  Suck it, Caleb.

He came home ecstatic, gave us high fives and told his dad we were awesome.  Then we went out for victory ice cream. 

But, you guys, the castle on World 8 is pretty bad ass and I'm a little worried about it.  Caleb worked on it for a bit by himself today but I think he needs reinforcements.  So needless to say, my tomorrow is going to be pretty stressful.