Monday, February 22, 2010

Power of Pink

Recently I had the thought that I must be getting older because everything doesn't have to be pink anymore. Historically, if given the option between objects equal in every way except one was pink, I would naturally gravitate toward the pink one. When I was shopping for a new laptop for law school, I made the conscious choice to not get the pink one (though it was so pretty!) because I was going to be a serious law student and wanted to avoid the whole Elle Woods issue (quite frankly, she ruined it for everyone. Did you know scented resumes are actually frowned upon? Bullshit). But I couldn't quite commit to plain black, because boring. Then I saw the red one, a portion of the proceeds for which went to AIDS research. Perfect. Colorful and serious. So the point is, I'm pretty much a grown-up. Although I apparently care more about what people think than what color I like, which isn't very grown-up at all, but then I also let donations to AIDS research trump all, so there's that.

Anyway, I was at Target today choosing soap. I really shouldn't go to Target at all because a quick trip for coffee and conditioner turns into $50 later, but that's really neither here nor there. (They have "The Break Up" on DVD for $4.75! And I am going to need more lotion and contact solution eventually. Sharpie retractable pens?! Sold!)

Soap. I like bar soap which I lather into a special exfoliating washcloth I use and Dove is my preferred brand. Because of the 1/4 moisturizing cream contained in every bar. And I like their commercials. So I was standing in the aisle with a different kind of Dove bar soap in each hand. One kind contained cream oil and shea butter and Vitamin E and was pretty much guaranteed to turn your skin into velvet butter right after it made you pancakes and rubbed the tension out of your shoulders. The other kind was pink. That's it. That's all the label said. Pink. Dove is smart. They know that's all it takes. But I am a grown-up. I chose the non-pink one. Because I'm a grown-up. That's how you know.

Now I have to get back to my very serious reading for Tax Law and my copious notetaking and highlighting. Pink highlighting. It's only fair.


D&D said...

i'm actually tearing.