Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Planning for the Future

me: So my store has been having this huge sale and we just did additional markdowns and some of the baby clothes I love were marked down ridiculously low so I bought four little things, but it's all girl stuff so now I probably jinxed myself and I'll end up having all boys.

Joe: You bought baby clothes for children you don't have?

me: Yep. But it's stuff I LOVE and the styles are timeless so they won't go out of style and if I never use them I can just gift them.

Joe: How much did you spend?

me: It was on sale!

Joe: How much?

me: How much do you think I spent?

Joe: How much?

me: Almost $50, but not quite.

Joe: Take it back.

me: But the stuff is so cute! And I'll totally use it for myself or for gifts and at this rate it will probably be clothes for your babies. Exciting!

Joe: Fifty dollars? Take it back.

me: But it's for your babies!

Joe: Take it back.

me: I can't believe you would begrudge fifty dollars to clothe your children.

Joe: I don't have any children

me: Still, it's really not that much just to clothe your child and keep her warm.

Joe: I don't have a child!

me: Fifty dollars? Or clothing your sweet little baby girl? I mean, seriously?


Joe (sighing): I guess it's better than another pair of shoes.

me: Way to come around.


SG said...

greatest conversation about hypothetical children EVER!