Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 in Books

I didn't really make any New Year's resolutions this year. But, in general, I just want to improve my overall quality of life: do more things I genuinely enjoy doing, take more risks, have more fun, etc. One of the items on the top of that list is to read more for pleasure. I used to read all the time, devouring books as fast as I could get my hands on them. In high school, there was the summer of 42 books. When we got back to class, one of our teachers asked us how many books we'd read over the summer. She didn't believe me.

Now reading is so associated with stuyding and tediousness that the fact that I used to love it has been completely forgotten. So I've decided to get back there. Before I went to San Diego on the 1st, I got myself a local library card. I've knocked out three so far and I'm back to staying up to all hours because I can't put a book down. It feels good. So to that end, below to the right you will see "2010 in Books," evidence of why I'm not gettng any sleep. And why I'm feeling a little bit more like me.