Monday, September 7, 2009

I Try to Make Every Experience a LEARNING Experience

After some reflection, I realized that pole-dancing wasn't the only lesson-packed part of Holly's bachelorette party. Here's what else I learned:

1) By the time you’ve tripped in your heels the 7th time, your friends will begin to think that you’re either drunk or can’t walk in heels. You will try to convince them neither is true. They won’t believe you.

2) You know your boobs are huge if during a game of drunken Truth or Dare at the last dive bar of the evening, you wisely choose truth because you’re not that drunk, and the only thing your friends of 5+ years want to know about you is “seriously, how big are your boobs?”

3) If you’re called the R Bar because you play Rock and Roll and you’re on Bowery which means you should be cool and you tell someone making a reservation that they will have a table and won’t have to wait in line and then our bachelorette party gets to your bar and you DON’T Play Rock and Roll and you’re NOT cool because everyone in your bar looks like they’re celebrating their 19th birthday and you DON’T have a table for us and we DID have to wait in line, then that means you really fucking suck.

4) Pole dancing with someone you’ve never met is really great way to break the ice and pole dancing with someone you’ve known for a long time is a really great way to learn something new about them. I didn’t know you could do that. Also, I’ve never seen you from that angle.

5) “Baby Got Back” is still the all-time best song to dance to.

6) I hope I never get too old to dare Kel to do the Boot Scootin’ Boogie in the middle of a bar where no one is dancing and I hope she never gets too old to hop right up and do it. Even if she has no idea what the hell the Boot Scootin’ Boogie is. Here, Kel, for next time. (Holy crap, you should watch that all the way through because, boy, does it get good. Ruth is my favorite and is that a whistle in the instructor’s mouth? Do you think they intentionally color coordinated? Does anyone else think poor Ruth is a stand-in for someone that didn’t show? I digress.)

7) Staying up ‘til 5 am giggling with your girlfriends is still as much fun now as it was when I was 16.

8) Joe, Holly’s fiancĂ©, is one pretty crazy lucky guy. And she’s one pretty crazy lucky girl, because he’s pretty awesome too. I’m so excited for their wedding. Even if it is at 10am which means I’ll probably have to stay up all night to be up early enough to make it. I WILL be there on time, I WILL.

The other participators should feel free to leave your favorite moments and lessons learned in comments. Don’t worry about no one else getting what you’re talking about. Because here’s a secret: you’re the only ones that read this blog.


LWhits said...

I learned that...

I'm not cool enough to go clubbing, nor am I rich enough for it.

It's not wise to schedule a 16 mile run for the morning after a batchelorette party.

My butt can not move like that!

SG said...

I learned that...

Irish ice tea is the way to go if you plan to take a pole dancing class

I will never know what Holly and Lauren find enjoyable about running

Christina and I will never be morning people