Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Wedding Dress Is a Perfectly Practical Outfit for Going to Get the Mail

We stayed at the Inn where we got married for our wedding night.  The next morning we were brought two boxes - one filled with things we had used at our wedding, like the toasting flutes and cake topper and family photos, and one filled with wedding flowers plucked from their vases and overflowing from a cardboard box.  I dropped off a couple handfuls at Joe's aunt's house who lives nearby and another few handfuls at my cousin's house, but the rest we brought home and I divided into vases all around the apartment, strategically placed so that Miss I-love-to-eat-flowers Lily couldn't reach them. 

The first morning after I got home, I loved waking up next to a small bouquet of garden roses on my bedside table, but now I'm not so sure it was such a good idea.  I changed the water in all the vases yesterday, pulling out all the flowers that have started to droop and fade and drop petals, and I started to tear up a little because they are my wedding flowers and they are dying and it's over.  It didn't help when Joe shortly after asked how it felt now that the day I've been looking forward to my whole life is over and done and will never happen again or be able to be re-created ever.  Okay, maybe he didn't phrase it quite so melodramatically but he might as well have. 

"You don't want to dry those out and keep them?"


"But it's your bouquet."

"I know."

"You could keep it.  You used to dry flowers all the time and hang them from your bedroom walls."

"I was 17.  I'm not a teenager anymore drying every bouquet as a keepsake."

"You could keep them."


We had a beautiful wedding.  It was exactly what I wanted and dreamed of and planned for and now it's over.  We have a marriage and obviously that's what's important.  But that doesn't mean Joe won't come home one day to find me vacuuming the living room while wearing my veil and softly sobbing. 


LWhits said...

On the plus side...

now you can blog more often!

now you can come visit London!

now you can strategize about having babies!

the photos will be in your hands before you know it!


SG said...

I agree wtih LWhits. But what's really going to mess you up is when you come home from work to find me hanging out on your couch wearing your wedding dress because I want to feel pretty and special.

Christina said...

It's hanging in a garment bag in the closet off the living room. Come over anytime.