Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Very Important Decision

Joe:  What are you doing?

me:  Picking a stamp for the wedding invitations.

Joe:  Who cares?  Just get regular stamps.

me:  I care.  Every aspect of the invitation has been meticulously chosen.  Why would I throw just any old stamp on it?

Joe:  Because no one notices a stamp.

me:  I notice.  People notice.

Joe:  How much are those stamps you're looking at?

me:  $20 a sheet.

Joe:  Are you insane?  You're going to spend $20/sheet for custom stamps when the post office charges $9/sheet for regular stamps?

me:  I don't want to, but the post office doesn't have any stamps right now that match our invitation.  What am I supposed to do?

Joe:  You're supposed to just buy stamps, crazy.

me:  There are no good options at the post office.  These are the only ones that could work and they're weather vane stamps.  That doesn't make any sense for a wedding.  Unless it's kitschy?  Like it makes no sense so that makes it cute and fun?  Or maybe our marriage will WEATHER any storm?  Get it?  Cause they're weather vanes.  It sends a message maybe if you think about it. 

Joe:  Babe, I can't stress this enough.  They are stamps.  Oooooh, wait, is that Joe DiMaggio?

me:  Yes, he's on a post office stamp now.

Joe:  I want those.

me:  You want me to put Joe DiMaggio on our wedding invitations?

Joe:  Yes, I do.  I really, really do.

me:  I can't make that work.  There's no hidden message. 

Joe:  Yep, those are the stamps. 

me:  I will consider it, very reluctantly.

Joe:  We have a winner. 

Later, at the Post Office:

me:  Do you have the Joe DiMaggio stamps?

nice lady:  We don't have the ones with him alone, we have the series that features 4 all-star players.

me:  Can I see them?  Yeah, these won't work.  They include Ted Williams, a Red Sox player.  My fiance will kill me if I put a Red Sox player on our wedding invitations.  I just need Joe DiMaggio.

nice lady:  You're going to put Joe DiMaggio on your wedding invitations?  Seriously?

The lady at the post office is the only person who truly gets me. 


SG said...

Hahaha, I love it!