Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Little Help From My Friends

I love me some Housewives.  Every city, every season, I watch them all.  It's my guilty pleasure, pure entertainment.  Though sometimes I do worry about the young girls who may be watching, who may be learning that this is what female relationships are and what female friendship looks like.  That they may think that all girls can be is the shit talking and the back stabbing and the cat fights and the making a scene in public.  That would be a shame.  At a certain point, if you're doing it right, you get rid of all those kind of friends and just leave the kind of friends who cry when they see you because they've missed you so much after a few months apart or insist you make a list of birthday gifts that have nothing to do with your wedding or the registry because you need to not let yourself get lost in all the crazy.  Dinner this weekend with two of those friends was exactly what I needed.

The kind of friends who plan bachelorette parties from a continent away or plan to travel halfway around the world just to make it to your wedding, who demand you drop off all your laundry for them to do during a particularly stressful week, who never miss an opportunity to build you up, support you, remind you they're there, tell you they're thinking of you, who are so incredibly generous with their time and love that you sort of feel inadequate to be on the receiving end of all that goodness.

We'd make for a pretty boring reality show, and for that I'm currently brimming with gratitude.


You know. said...

So when IS your birthday wishlist going to be posted??

LWhits said...

ooh yeah let's see the birthday wishlist! And another tid-bit of wedding prep pretty please!

Christina said...

I think I can comply with both of those requests. Coming up!