Monday, October 22, 2012

Status Quo

This weekend, I
  • called the hotel where guests will stay to confirm the group rate
  • called to see if a group rate is possible for car service for family flying into NYC airports
  • e-mailed the person I'm thinking about hiring for hair/make-up the day of
  • e-mailed our venue to confirm details before I ordered the invitations
  • booked our wedding night hotel room
  • took my car in to get its New York State inspection sticker
  • ordered Thank You notes
  • went to TJ Maxx hunting for pants and skirts for work and bought 4 tops (always happens)
  • sent all the bridal party contact info to everyone who will need it
  • ordered a custom address stamp to make putting our return address on everything easier
  • finally sent a card and gift to a friend who got married months ago
  • sent cards and gifts to two other friends to celebrate special occasions
  • finalized the guest list with Joe's mom for his side of the family (sort of)
  • started the guest spreadsheet with all contact info
  • called the store that sells that dress and left a message asking for the price (a girl can dream)
  • went shopping with Joe for his b-day gift (his birthday was in September, but he told me to wait until he decided what he wanted)
  • did laundry
I'm sort of excited to go back to work.


SG said...

Did you find out how much the dress is?

Christina said...

$4500. Boo.