Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catch It If You Can

No house yet.  We checked out 7 places over the weekend, but all the super nice places in our budget were in questionable neighborhoods and all the places in super nice neighborhoods were in questionable condition.  I thought all the places I picked were in nice areas, but apparently sometimes a mere two blocks is the difference between "charming tree-lined streets" and "over there is the pond where the gun was found."  So we keep looking.

When I got home from New York, the cable was out again.  After another cable-free day, I've packed another four boxes and cleaned out one of our hall closets.  Packing-wise, this move has been so stress free.  Every other way-wise, not so much. 

Joe has a buddy with a dad who restores art for a living.  He owns a box truck which he uses for transporting pieces, and we were hoping to borrow it for moving weekend to save money on renting a truck.  Turns out, he just decided to sell it.  His timing is pretty awesome.  So that unfortunate turn of events coupled with coughing up an unexpected extra month's rent has me a little frazzled about money.  June is just going to be one of those months where everything hits at once. 

I'm asking for a break.  Just a teeny, little, unexpected, something works out amazingly well break.  I'm not even picky about the category: house, job, moving logistics, an undiscovered trust fund worth millions.  I'll take whatever is available in the catching a break department.  Though the trust fund would be especially spectacular.