Monday, April 23, 2012


By tradition, I mean we did the same thing last year and this year.  Good enough. 

According to a certain person living in this house, the Yankees home opener is tantamount to a national holiday.  We celebrate by going to our favorite dive bar, ordering a round of beers and two French dip sandwiches, and watching the game play out with maybe one or two more beers for dessert. 

The main event for me is the sandwich and this little hole in the wall bar does it better than most I know.  It is one of my favorite things on this planet.  Warm roast beef, toasted French bread, melted provolone cheese.  Served with thick and crunchy pickle slices, a side of fresh spicy horseradish, hot au jus for dipping, and a plateful of crispy fries.  Add cold beer and suddenly I'm a dedicated baseball fan.