Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Strangely, There Was No Mention of Hot Dogs or Prince Charming in the Book

One of my birthday presents from my cousin Kim was this book on weddings and I love it.  Super practical and helpful.  I couldn't wait to devour all the information.  I wasn't the only one.

This is Sophia, Kim's daughter and my 4-year-old wedding consultant.

Her taste level is impeccable.  She knows exactly what she wants.  So far we agree on all the major points.  Though we do disagree about a few details.  For instance, when asked what kind of food we should have at the wedding, she said red food.  I find that a bit limiting.  I'm also not sure if balloons everywhere is the way to go.

She also identified the ballgown as her favorite wedding dress silhouette, except, unlike the drawings shown in the book, mine should be blue.  Like Cinderella's. 


chickster said...

That's because Cinderella's dress was the best of them all - I second her wise choice.