Friday, December 9, 2011


As much as I heart shopping, lusting after stuff also makes me feel a little icky.  Not that I'm not totally guilty of getting caught up in the fun of things, but I do sort of feel bad about it (sometimes).  I'm feeling a little better since I downloaded iGive.

Basically, you choose the charity of your choice and download the program.  Now, whenever you do your regular shopping online, if the retailer is affiliated with iGive, a disclosed percentage of your purchase will be donated to your chosen charity.  It's as simple as that and costs you nothing.  A ton of stores are involved, including many places I regularly shop, like Kate Spade, Amazon, and Sephora. 

In fact, if you follow this link and sign up, my charity automatically gets $5 and so does whatever charity you choose.  I chose The Carter Center.  I used to intern there and they do some amazing work.  I'm so thrilled I can help them out, even a little, by doing something I do anyway. 

I expect a personal call from President Carter to thank me any day now.  No, thank you, P.C., I totally bought those Kate Spade earrings and that tinted moisturizer with you in mind, I'll say, and then we'll laugh and talk about peanuts.  Have I mentioned before that I got to go on a tour of President Carter's childhood peanut farm home given by President Carter himself and that I'm a little in love with him?  No?  I love him.  Bunches. 

Anyways, iGive.  Do it.  If you want.  No pressure.