Monday, October 3, 2011

No Place Like Home

This week?  I get to be home.  So, so happy.  All the traveling has been fun, but after 4 weeks of the back and forth, packing and unpacking, navigating new cities by myself, delayed and cancelled flights, and eating three meals out a day, I'm feeling a little exhausted, bloated, beat up, sore and swollen.  A bit under the weather. 

This past weekend was glorious simply because I got to sleep in my own bed, shop for groceries, make a home cooked meal, use full-sized bath products, watch Bravo (still yet to be found on a single hotel TV), and curl up with my honey. 

I have a few short trips planned in the next couple of weeks but nothing keeping me away for an extended period of time for at least two weeks, which is quite all right. 

Happy, happy, happy to be home.