Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maybe. Maybe Not.

Being done with school finally and the end of the grace period on my student loans fast approaching means that reality has come home to roost for this girl.  I've always had a very clear vision for my wedding, but when the time comes, budget concerns might mean some drastic scaling down is necessary.  It's best that I get used to the idea now so I won't be disappointed later. 

I'm starting to think I might be okay with an elopement if it could look like this (is that bride not absolutely the most gorgeous bride you've ever seen?).  Or this.  Or this.  Pretty. 

I could never do a true elopement because I need my nearest and dearest there.  Also I want a first dance.  And invitations.  And bridesmaids.  And a reception.  Some more getting used to the idea is probably in order.


chickster said...

Send invitations a few days in advance to as many people as you want at the reception / wedding venue, give the bridesmaids a color scheme and everyone will show up to root you and Joey on. Oh, and if I do not get at least a 48hrs notice I will NOT be happy. Kisses.