Tuesday, July 19, 2011

See, Joe? I'm Making a List!

To keep my sanity over the last few weeks, I've been writing out menus every Sunday to get us through the week.  I spend about an hour going through my cookbooks and searching online for relatively easy and healthy dishes, then I make a list, and we hit Trader Joe's and/or the farmer's market.  Normally we'd hit the store and just wing it, but for such a stressful summer, I figured it would be better to know what is getting made on what night and that we already have everything we need.  Since everybody is always looking for dinner inspiration I think, I thought I'd share some of the recipes we've discovered that have received four very enthusiastic thumbs up.

marinara sauce
creamy corn and vegetable soup (this soup contains no actual cream...so sneaky)
chicken with balsamic bbq sauce
guacamole salad
Portuguese-style fish stew (fish stew sounds disgusting; it is not)
tomato soup
fettuccine with walnuts and parsley  (seems way too simple to be so good)
pea soup
chicken piccata

Joe especially loved the corn and veggie soup, which inspired the following conversation:

me:  A third bowl?  You like it that much?

Joe:  It's so good!  Put it on the list.

me:  What list?

Joe:  The list.  The list you keep of all the meals we like and want to make again.

me:  I don't have such a list.

Joe:  But for years, whenever we make something really good, you say "put it on the list!"  I thought you were keeping a list!

me:  Uh no.  That's just a figure of speech, as in "we should remember this one."  I didn't mean it literally.

Joe:  So there's no list?

me:  There's no list.

Joe:  But everything we've eaten that we liked...

me:  Yeah, I don't remember even half of them.  Sorry.

Joe:  But...but...there should be a list!


SG said...

I love it!

chickster said...

Can I just tell you how lucky you are to get to cook these delicious recipes?!? Mr.O would maybe eat half an option on that list . . . =/