Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have been quite content the last two weeks.  Joey is here and is not going anywhere.  I've hardly even noticed that I haven't had a single day off since he moved in until two days ago, I just can't wait to get home every day.  The transition has been pretty easy.  All of his stuff is mostly put away and the things that are not are only just now starting to drive me nuts.  We have plenty of space and everything will find its home eventually.  In the meantime though, I've been enjoying the little every day moments.  I suppose that what has surprised me most are the things that have surprised me, despite knowing this guy for 9 1/2 years now and thinking I knew everything there was to know.  I have composed a list:

1)  He watches the news.  And complains when I change the channel.  He also watches the financial channel every morning and remarks upon gold being up.  I don't know who he is talking to.

2)  There are socks everywhere.  On the floor, under the sheets, in the couch cushions.  How many pairs of socks can the man possibly shed in a day?

3)  He's surprisingly anal about random cleanliness.  Yesterday I found him washing the bathroom trash can in the kitchen sink because it was "filthy."  It wasn't.  I don't know what was up with that.

4)  Yesterday, we did four loads of laundry and only one load was my stuff.  For a jeans and T-shirts kind of guy, dude has a ton of laundry. 

5)  I will never, never tire of having someone make me an omelet and a cup of coffee while I'm in the shower.

6)  If I leave him alone in the apartment, even for 30 minutes, he will start playing video games.

7)  He has lived on his own for the last 10 years, but apparently as soon as he moved in, he forgot how to prepare his own dinner.  He makes breakfast for us almost every morning, but after 1:00 pm, he loses all sense of how to feed himself.  I have been asked "what's for dinner?" every night for the last 14 nights.

8)  He HATES it if someone tries to tell him something when he's on the phone.  He will ignore you and shoot you dirty looks until he hangs up and then he will remind you that he HATES it when people try to talk to him when he's on the phone.  I cannot wait for him to have a four year old. 

9) Two days ago, he insisted that Big left Carrie at the altar in Sex & The City 2 and vehemently disagreed with me when I said it was Sex & The City 1.  Seriously, Joe?  Seriously

10)  He felt my laptop ran too hot.  He spent 2 hours online researching the best laptop cooling pad.  He came home with one the next day.  Thoughtful, caring nerds are the best kind.

11) He makes me forget how busy I am and makes me know everything will be fine and he makes me laugh every day. 

So far, so good.


d&d said...

alex always looks up the price of gold! what is up with that!

also, ditto on the laundry situation. very strange.

Kelsey said...

OMG, Russell is always talking about gold, too... seriously, guys, what's the big deal?? Anyway, congrats Christina on your new living situation, I'm so glad for you! And to hear that your competition is finally over. I would say I'm sorry you guys lost, but I know you're more glad it's over, so I'll just say congrats on that, too. Sounds like life is good, if a little busy :-)

Kori said...

Kyle does this kind of crap too. He's definitely neater than me, but also leaves like RANDOM shit around and messy or dirty. I have no idea. Like, he can't deal with laundry on the floor, but I don't think he's ever cleaned the toilet.

Also he totally does that video game thing too. MEN.