Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who Has Time To Think of a Title?

Hey.  Hi.  What's up?  I am exhausted.  Turns out going to school full-time and working two part-time jobs is a wee bit tiring. Just a wee.  Wee's a funny word.  I've had a lot of coffee.  This week sucks.

I am going to sum up this week so that in the future, when I think I'm busy, I can look back on this and laugh at myself because how stupid is future me?  So stupid.  This is busy, future me.  Get a clue. 

Today a friend asked me how my week from hell was going and I replied that next week would be better and then I realized that, no, in fact, next week is the same!  This is the new normal.  I bought more coffee. 

Woke up early to meet a buddy for pedicures and a pre-class breakfast (this part wasn't so bad)
Two hours of class
Worked the closing shift at the store
Two hours of reading for next day's classes

Woke up at 6:30
Caught the train downtown to go to a breakfast at the firm I felt was important to attend
Stayed for an hour, caught the train back to school
Three hours of classes
Caught the train downtown to go back to the firm to work for the afternoon
Caught the train back home
Went to Target, Old Navy, and Ikea to run some errands
Stopped at liquor store, inquired about frequent shopper punch card, bought liquor anyway
Had 140 pages of reading to do for classes, fell asleep after 10 pages

Woke up at 8:00
Opened the store, worked until 2:00
Four hours of classes
Got a call that the girl who was supposed to work the closing shift at the store did not show up
Back to the store to close
Home by 9:20
(normally, I would have another 50 pages of reading to do Wednesday nights, but not going to classes tomorrow)

Will wake up at 6:00 and go to NYC to attend a meeting at the UN for one of my classes
(will miss 3 classes to do so which means finding time to listen to the recordings of each class to get notes)
Lunch with professor at the UN
Travel home from NYC
Need to go to the library
Apartment desperately needs a deep cleaning

Will wake up at 6:30
Catch the train downtown
Work at the firm all day
Catch the train home
Drive to upstate New York to visit Joe and my cousins

I requested off this weekend, but normally I would work either Saturday or Sunday at the store too.

I also currently have a 22 item To Do list that includes such gems as "register for bar exam" and "file state taxes" and "prepare for the next round of oral argument."  Strangely, "look into prescription pills" is not on the list.  Soon enough.